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What we do...


D & M Design services all of the GTA and surrounding areas.


We stage to sell for:

Lived-In homes

Vacant homes



We also stage to live or work:


Colour consultation

Interior decorating

Design advice

Home or Office organizing

Full renovation services

Three-Step Staging Process


The consultation is the STEP ONE action plan.  A detailed reported is created for the seller which includes a breakdown of room by room of what needs to done.  This report also includes the quote and our terms and conditions.


 STEP TWO is where the work recommended in the consultation gets completed. 


Not until 1 & 2 are completed do we begin the crucial...STEP THREE Showcasing. 


When all three steps are completed, the agent will then begin with their marketing plan. While the untrained eye may think "it's good enough", completing each step is part of the process that will bring you the most equity return. 

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